Dr. Victoria Gandarillas, Pediatric Dentistry Specialist
Dr. Craig Lustman, Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Victoria Gandarillas Pediatric Dentistry Specialist
Dr. Craig Lustman Pediatric Dentistry Specialist


Let’s make waves! We’re taking a new approach to expert
pediatric dentistry — where healthy habits create a
ripple effect of positivity.

Let’s make waves! We’re taking a new approach to expert pediatric dentistry — where healthy habits create a ripple effect of positivity.


Pediatric Dentistry
On A Mission


At Splash! Pediatric Dentistry™ we believe that little smiles have a huge impact. Our mission is to provide your children with the tools and education they need to keep their teeth healthy and happy, while also learning how important it is to care for others. Our unique approach to pediatric dentistry empowers your children to make a difference by partnering with us to fund the drilling of solar-powered wells in rural Africa– letting us share the blessings of vitality with communities in need. Together, we can make a wave that creates a ripple effect of positivity throughout the world.

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With The Tribe


Dr. Vicky Gandarillas joins Dr. Craig Lustman as a board certified Pediatric Dentist. A native to South Florida, she takes pride in being able to care for children in her hometown. Her approach includes creating customized oral health plans for every child, taking their overall wellbeing into consideration to build a preventative care program.


What We're All About


Our Philanthropic Vision

We’re changing the world for the better through expert dental care for kids. We make that possible by pledging $5 for every cavity-free checkup toward digging solar-powered wells in rural communities of Africa in partnership with Innovation: Africa.


Our Care Approach

Going to the dentist can be scary. We make it our mission to alleviate these fears while providing customized care for every child. Our care approach goes beyond treating the symptom and focuses instead on caring for your child.

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Make positivity and kindness part of your child’s dental routine. Book your first appointment with Dr. Vicky and feel the refreshing difference at Splash!

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We had just moved to Florida from NJ and my 4.5 year old son needed some dental work done. Being a hygienist’s daughter I couldn’t go to just any pediatric dentist. Dr. Craig came HIGHLY recommended and I know why. First and foremost, his dental work is incredible! but the genuine care he had for my son was remarkable! Not only did he call me later that night to check up on my son (which in of itself is amazing) he took the time to review the treatment plan with my mom who had the real dental knowledge. His staff is amazing as well, so warm and friendly from the first phone call. You really won’t find a better pediatric dentist!!



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