Dr. Victoria Gandarillas, Pediatric Dentistry Specialist
Dr. Craig Lustman, Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Victoria Gandarillas Pediatric Dentistry Specialist
Dr. Craig Lustman Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

The Splash! Pediatric
Dentistry Mission


Our mission is to create a ripple effect of positivity throughout our community by helping children have positive and rewarding experiences by taking care of themselves. Splash! is more than a dental practice; it's a movement dedicated to creating a positive impact in our world. By connecting healthy practices and cavity-free checkups to the construction of solar-powered wells in rural Africa, children are able to see how their healthy habits make a difference. By taking care of ourselves, we’re able to take care of others… and together, we can make waves.


We’re here to offer expert dental care for your child from birth through adolescence, building a foundation of healthy smiles.


Us, In Color


Our logo tells the Splash! story even better than we could: Neighboring palms represent the indivisible connection between South Florida and the tropical climates we aid throughout the world. Stars represent the lasting unity of a universal community that we all belong to. And the sand below it offers a subtle smile, serving as a reminder that kids can help bring us all together.

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Dr Craig is a rockstar in our house. my daughter had 2 cavities at 2 years old and one dentist scared me away, then we went to Dr Craig and he ended my fears. He treated my child the way he would have treated his own. His approach was so gentle and not traumatizing. We use his influence to help my daughter who is now 4 limit candy consumption, " Dr Craig says that's sticky and icky". He is great with kids!



We also Play It Forward
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